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Aru Sri Art Theatre, is the brain child of the reputed celebrity Kalasuri Arunthathy Sri Ranganathan, founded by her in 2004 to promote the visual and performing arts both nationally and internationally. Arunthathy, is a multi- faceted celebrity in the world of broadcasting, music and dance, and has gained international repute as a Composer, Choreographer, Media Consultant, broadcaster and Lecturer. Arunthathy is the recipient of many prestigious awards conferred to her in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Today,the theatre has bloomed into a centre par excellence for innovative, artistic and cultural creations renowned worldwide. Its unique styles of performance are based on the suitable nuances of movements, and have caught the attention of many connoisseurs. The theatre, with its main mission to focus on ethnic harmony has produced numerous multi- cultural concerts titled UNITY IN DIVERSITY by popular demand.

Aru Sri Art theate preserves the pristine purity of traditional performing art forms, to present varied repertoire of music and dance to audiences all over the country and abroad, to render contemporary interpretations from a rich heritage of lore, and synthesis classical and folk styles of dance and music in to innovative artistic productions.

The theatre began with a dynamic and inspired team of versatile musicians and dancers under the direction of Arunthathy. Together they imbued their creative energies into the heart of the repertory, producing ethnic harmony concerts and legendary dance dramas.

The vision of Arunthathy is to develop the theatre as a place where traditional art forms can flourish alongside contemporary interpretations. The belief is that it is as Imperative to carry age - old traditions in to the new millennium, as it is to provide a fertile ground for growth and change.

Aru Sri art theatre’s talented large assembly of musicians and dancers from diverse backgrounds, convey a convincing and memorable message of unity in diversity.

Aru Sri Art theatre has travelled widely, performed in prestigious festivals around the globe, and collaborated with many International Organization. The theatre offers audiences contemporary interpretations and innovative productions of rich historical and cultural lore, while retaining the purity of the traditional performing arts. 

The theatre has not only spread the message of love within the island, but has also been fortunate to be invited to perform at several presitge festivals, namely:

  • Angkor Wat Cambodian Dance Drama at Esplene'de Singapore - a collaboration with Apsaras Arts Singapore
  • Commonwealth Peoples forum opening Ceremony - a collaboration with Ravibandu Vidyapathi Dance Ensemble
  • Oslo Mela in Norway
  • International Ramayana festival in India and Indonesia
  • New Opera House opening in Norway
  • Voice of Asia festival in Kazhakstan
  • Shanghai Music and Dance festival in China
  • Ferde folk music and Dance festival in Norway

Dance dramas produced by the theatre are appreciated widely for the perfection and quality of dance. Some of the highly acclaimed productions are:

  • Mekala
  • Sakuntala
  • ShriRam
  • Ramayanan
  • Sthree mela
  • Dances of India
  • Rhythm
  • Narthana Maduram
  • Soundarya Lahari


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