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Sivasupramaniam Family

Arunthathy Sri Ranganathan hails from a reputed family of academics and artistes who have niched their own areas of specialty and brought name and fame to their nation. She is the youngest in a family of five girls. Her parents Mr.K.Sivasubramaiam and Veerasipillai were devout Hindus immersed in the traditions of that faith. Blessed by Yoga Swamy the greatest saint that Jaffna produced in the modern era Arunthathy’s parents produced the five gems that adorn the world of knowledge and art in the world today.

The eldest of the five sisters Mrs Ambika Thamotheram a well known qualified Musician has established a State approved Board of Examinations in London UK to conduct examinations in Oriental / Carnatic music and issues certificates recognized and accepted by the educational authorities in the UK and many other countries the world over. The second sister is Professor Gnana Kulendran an Emeritus Professor of the Tamil University Thanjavur in India continues to do yeoman service in the field of Tamil literature in Australia. The third in the family Professor Yoga Rasanayagam an Emeritus Professor of the University of Colombo has been bestowed the Chancellorship of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka by His Excellency the President of the Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka since August 2011. She continues to provide her expertise to educational institutions particularly in the tertiary sector. The fourth sister Mrs Jeyaluxmi Kandiah is a veteran in Bharatha Natyam is world renowned through her remarkable oriental dance productions. She celebrates her fifty years of dedicated service to the world of Bharatha natyam in 2013.


Dr.P.Sri Ranganathan

Arunthathy Sri Ranganathan Dr 02

Dr.Sri Ranganathan hailed from a distinguished and prosperous lineage (from Koddady-Jaffana) that commanded great respect among Tamil community. Born on the 6th day of September 1943 as the second son to orthodox Hindu parents late Mr. and Mrs. Ponnudurai (popularly known as SSP), Sri Ranganathan did his schooling at Central College, Jaffna and later at the Aquinas College in Colombo.

Dr Sri Ranganathan was known for his righteousness. By nature he was a soft spoken serene, calm and collected person. At the medical college, his positive disposition being always accommodative and friendly earned him numerous friends. Dr Sri Ranganathan commenced his medical practice at the Galle General Hospital to continue his services at Unavatuna Hospital and Angoda Hospital specializing in Psychiatry. Later he left for Nigeria to work as a Psychiatrist at the Akurie Hospital where he served under well known specialists in the field for 4 years. Thereafter he took up a position at the Mutare Hospital in Zimbabwe to move on to Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital in South Aftica later as it's senior Medical Officer - an assignment he held in high honour and esteem where he made a mark among the illustrious galaxy of Medical professionals. Where he practiced he never failed to establish a healthy rapport with both the administrators and the patients and he was duty bound beyond doubt.

Dr Sri Rnganathan was an ardent lover of music which became the alternate side of his personality. His boundless devotion to classical and devotional songs cannot be described in words. Gifted with a fine voice he sang light music as well as devotional songs at functions. In short, his body and spirit were immersed in music. He has left a collection of more than 2000 CD's and Cassettes on Carnatic music, old Cinema songs and Devotional songs. He used to proudly confess that he was a student of Ram Kumarasamy a veteran Carnatic musician from Jaffana, while in school. Attracted by the myriad talented Arunthathy with a, melodious and scintillating voice he started attending her musical performances to develop a friendship with her that blossomed out beautifully to end in a happy marriage which led to the meteoric rise of Arunthathy to become a legend in Classical and Devotional music. Dr.Sri Ranganathan’s selfless support and encouragement was always there for her.

Dr.Sri Ranganathan with his devout love for music breathed music, spoke music and just adored music and dance, brought his three sons up to love music as their soul mate. He imparted nobility of heart, subtlety of intellect and generosity of spirit to his loving sons. It is now the supreme duty of his children Sarangan, Sri Shyamalangan and Sree Haran, who had without any doubt imbibed all the noble qualities from their father Sri Ranganathan, and mother to live up to their expectations. His demise on the 27th of October 2002 was an unbearable shock to all his loved ones. He is remembered and worshiped with lots of love and sincere gratitude by all, specially his wife and sons.


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